bed bug dna kit for houston, TX

Bed Bug DNA Kits

Clear Zone Bed Bug DNA Test Kit

Moving into an apartment or other rental property?


Don't be caught with a bed bug infestation.


We are the only bed bug exterminator in Houston to offer exclusive bed bug DNA testing.


With a simple swab, we can know before you move in if there has ever been bed bugs or if the rental currently has bed bugs.

Houston bed bug dna kit
houston bed bug dna testing
Bed Bug DNA Testing
Done Right!

Bed bugs must not be underestimated.

A bed bug’s presence is not related to cleanliness. They can be spotted anywhere there is food, which is usually connected to human presence. Besides, it’s hard to completely prevent bed bugs as they are carried from one place to another by sticking on clothing. 

With our proven method of bed bug DNA testing, we'll help you know if there are bed bugs in the place you're thinking of renting.